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10th time beating it

lol, thats awesome XD

really good game

thank you a lot

i made a squid survive on land

oh, some day i gonna try to fix thats bugs

Jogo maravilhoso! Gostei muito da pixelart e da ideia, parabens


I fell in the water and i cant get out

is there a way to or have i noticed a problem by being bad at the game?

this was a mistake, sorry

Well at least something came good out of my fail...

Simplicity games such as this one is the best game when in bed hahaha... I Really did enjoyed you're game!

I hope You won't mind if I share my gameplay of you're game in my youtube channel. I want to share it with my friends. :D

Good Job! And Keep Up the Good Work!

thank you very much! (and I loved the gameplay ;3)

Nice one ^_^ Let the bullies hurt themselves ^_^

Nice game ! Really enjoyed playing it . Hope you get a good rating you deserve it. The game goes so good with the genre . 

thanks :3