(sorry my bad english, i'm brazilian and pls ignore the construct 3 splash with more than 4 colors, i used the trial version of the program)


WASD to move

press J to attack

press K to dash

when no have more enemies on the radar, go to the teleporter (follow the arrow to find he)  and press K to go to the next level

story details:

in a no far future, the big CUBIC INC a old corporation responsible to create super advanced robots and mechanical props resolve to construct your first android with A.I, but something goes wrong...

game maded in 3 days for the GBJAM 8


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baggie sempre fazendo um otimo trabalho

vlw cara :3

this is the start of a really good engine! very good art and its a really good use of construct 3!

also, i somehow got outside the wall with a dash :-D


thx! and sorry, i will try to fix this bug ;u;